The Sleep Secret You Didn’t Know Your Kids Needed

I am so excited to have partnered with DockATot for this post.

First, I want to say that I’m picky about what I recommend to you all, especially when it comes to our children. I don’t want you to waste your money. I don’t want you to have something that isn’t safe. And I don’t want you to have something that’s not going to benefit you + your babe in some way. DockATots are made in Europe and designed in Sweden, where their safety standards exceed the ones in place in the US. It’s a breathable, OKEO-TEX certified lounge/co-sleeper that is handmade from 100% cotton. 

As I’ve said (many, many times) before on my Instagram, M has never ‘slept through the night’. Not once in his nearly two years of life.

Doctors and sleep experts define ‘sleeping through the night’ as sleeping at least eight consecutive hours and then waking up, maybe for a feed or some cuddles and then falling back asleep. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t wake up at all until it’s time to start the day.

I have tried everything to get a little extra shut-eye. Some nights are certainly better than others — meaning he only wakes up about 3-4 times — but there are times when I’m up every hour or half hour nursing him and trying to get him back to sleep. I’ve heard friends constantly raving about using a DockATot in the newborn stages, but not many people talk about using it for their toddler.

If you’re shopping around for a DockATot, you’ll have two options: the Deluxe+ and the Grand. The Deluxe+ is perfect from birth (5+ pounds) to 8 months (or ~22 pounds). The Grand is the perfect follow-up piece, working for babies 9-36 months or until they’re 40 pounds. Not only is it perfect for sleeping, but it’s the perfect spot for your little one to relax in the living room. I had no idea how versatile it was! Not only does he enjoy sleeping in it, but he loves lounging around and reading a book in it or playing with his puzzles.

The very first night we tried the DockATot, I was so excited but also nervous. M seemed somewhat put off by being in a different ‘space’, which honestly had me a little worried about how much sleep we’d actually be getting that night.

He ended up being very aware of his surroundings and knew it wasn’t exactly what he was used to, so there was a lot of waking up and reaching for mama. However, this wasn’t something that we weren’t already accustomed to. He just seemed like he wanted to sleep on my chest more than anything else.

The next night went much better, we made sure to keep the DockATot readily available for playing, relaxing, and naps. I think when you’re introducing it to a toddler, you do need to start out slow, and that’s likely where we went wrong initially. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that they’re so used to something and changing it will turn their world upside down. After relaxing in it all day and being more comfortable with it as a whole, he slept much better that night. He loved snuggling up to the sides and it was the cutest thing to see!

I (I mean, M…) went from sleeping just okay to finally being able to feel like a functioning adult again. Since switching to the DockATot, he sleeps anywhere from 6-7 hours straight initially and then maybe wakes up once or twice after that before he’s ready to get up for the day. I will certainly take that over waking up every single hour!

Also, I wanted to throw out that on several different Facebook groups for moms, I’ve seen the same question pop up more than once: “How can I make sure my baby adjusts well to sleeping in a different space while traveling?” Portable cribs can be expensive and they don’t really get used a lot unless you’re constantly on-the-go. However, the DockATot is perfect for this. We recently traveled back home to visit family for Easter, and there’s always a few days where M is adjusting to his new surroundings and our sleep suffers more than normal while he gets used to it. We brought our DockATot along with us, and the transition period was nearly nonexistent because it was just like he was at home sleeping.

If you’re on the fence about a DockATot because the price intimidates you and you aren’t sure if it’s worth it, I’m here to let you know that YES it is worth it and it’s helped both of us sleep significantly better. Obviously, every child is different, but it’s been a lifesaver in this house. I’m starting to be at that point now where I’m getting more sleep and thinking, “OK, maybe another baby wouldn’t be so bad!”

…But I’m not so sure I’m ready to give up all of my extra sleep quite yet! Ha!

I’m so happy to be able to offer my readers $10 off all Docks from DockATot! I know that when you’re preparing for a baby, all of the purchases add up and can seem daunting – I want to help you out however I can! Click here for the discount code.

Have you tried the DockATot for your baby or toddler? Don’t forget to share this with your mama friends!


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