My New Favorite (& SAFE!) Way to Bring Fragrance Into Our Home

Are you ready to ditch traditional — and unhealthy — fragrances in your home?  If so, this is the post for you! I’m a sucker for anything that smells clean and fresh. There is nothing better than being able to walk into our home and smell anything other than stale air!

I used to purchase those outrageously large 3-wick candles and have two or three of them going at one time because I loved the way they made the house smell. Now, several years later, I realize just how bad those candles are for me — plus everyone else around me — and I sincerely wish I would have realized it sooner.

I recently discovered Enviroscent’s Home Bursts and to say that I’m obsessed is an understatement. Now, I #SmellTheGood every single day — and I love that I don’t have to feel bad about breathing it all in.

Enviroscent’s products are made using essential oils, meaning they are free of carcinogens, toxins, respiratory sensitizers and reproductive mutants that come in your typical air fresheners, candles and even scented laundry detergent or body wash. They are all-natural, biodegradable, recyclable AND compostable. Can your favorite candles or wax melts honestly say that? (The answer is likely no.) Not only are Bursts better for you, but they’re better for the planet. It’s a win-win all around.


I love using the Wild Lavender scent in our home. Especially with a wild toddler running around! It’s so relaxing and I really feel like it allows him to wind down easier for naps— but ultimately, I love that they are safe to use around children. They are versatile in the sense that you can use them in wax warmers, but they don’t melt! This means I don’t need to stress about possible wax spills and burns. Plus, they last twice as long as wax melts. They truly are the better wax melt alternative.

Whether you want to feel extra cozy at home with Amber Woods, like you’re resting on the beach with Paradise Breeze or like you finally caught up on all of that extra laundry (I know I’m not the only one that is way behind on that), Enviroscent has something for everyone.

If you’re looking to make the switch to a product that is better for you and your family, don’t look any further!

Want to grab some Enviroscent products for yourself? You can get them at your local Walmart or online here.


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