Babywearing with Mountain Buggy

There is absolutely no doubt that babywearing is a huge life saver amongst parents, myself included. However, a lot of people only think of smaller babies needing to be carried – but what about toddlers? Especially when they start walking, it can be scary. They want to roam around and suddenly have that freedom to go wherever they want. We have a job to protect them and for a lot of parents, that’s exactly what babywearing does. It allows us to keep our babies close – and ultimately safe – so we can protect them from danger. Sure, it is convenient, but safety is the root of babywearing in our family.

Not to mention, there isn’t some magic age where kids just wake up and don’t want to be held anymore. Even now, there are days where Max just wants to be held constantly and I find myself thinking “I want to hold him but I have so much I need to do!”

This is another time where babywearing comes in. It allows me to get everything done while remaining handsfree. (And, let us not forget that because babies are so content resting on a loved one, they often fall asleep relatively quick.)

I was so excited when I received Mountain Buggy’s Juno carrier to share with you. I love versatility, so when I saw that it works perfectly for those newborn days all the way up until 44 lbs, I could not wait to put it to the test. On average, that means it lasts until kids are around four years old!

Any seasoned parent will tell you that there are plenty of expenses that come along with welcoming a bundle of joy. Having a carrier that lets you use it all the way from birth to toddlerhood is bound to save you money versus buying a separate wrap or sling and then a soft structured carrier for those heavy babes.

Plus, don’t even fret about those baby hips, mama! This carrier is recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as being ‘hip-friendly’ (when used properly, of course. Read those manuals!) and is designed to provide the best ergonomic positions for your little one no matter what mode you’re carrying them in. This carrier was specifically made while working with medical professionals to give you peace of mind while allowing your baby to be worn safely.

With the carrier, you can carry your precious cargo four different ways: front facing in, front facing out, on your hip and on your back.

A large sum of parents feel more comfortable using a wrap or sling for newborns because even though there is more fabric, it simply isn’t as bulky. The infant insert goes inside the carrier to help lift and support your baby from their bottom and all around the rest of their body. Their head, neck and spine are all completely supported so your baby is comfortable while still maintaining ergonomic positioning. This insert is to be used until your baby reaches 14 pounds. Even after you don’t need the insert anymore, your baby will still be comfortable – and so will you! This carrier is so padded. The straps and waist band are full of padding and extra support so you enjoy carrying them as much as they enjoy being carried.

Another feature I love is that the seat’s width is adjustable to ensure that your tiny newborn is still just as safe as your long toddler. How cool is that?

Oh, and petite mamas! Where are you at? I’m 5’1″ and just under 110 lbs – every time I babywear I have straps dangling everywhere. Talk about annoying! Thank goodness for the elastic loops to secure all of the loose ends. It’s such an easy, simple fix yet a lot of companies don’t include them on their carriers.

This particular carrier comes in four gorgeous different colors that are all unisex. Let’s be real here: what dad wants to wear a bright carrier with flowers or animals all over it? Kudos to you if your hubby is all about that but mine is not. Whether you prefer the black, charcoal grey, sand or navy stripes – you’re sure to find one that fits your (and your husband’s!) style.

Each carrier is 100% Oeko-Tex approved with completely chemical free textile fabrics plus soft and breathable 100% cotton lining.

Mountain Buggy’s site has a ton of information about how to properly wear your baby in a Juno carrier. If you’re interested in watching videos about how to safely wear your baby or use the infant insert, you can check them out on their website here. Otherwise, find them on social media over at Facebook and Instagram.

Why do you babywear?


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