How To Start Out Your Cloth Diapering Journey


We LOVE our Cotton Babies Bum Genius 4.0 diaper – and we love that it grows with our babe!

Lots of cloth diapers require you to buy in different sizes or ranges. But, one of the best things about this diaper is that it’ll fit from 8-35+ lbs! And the snaps allow you to create a custom fit to ensure maximum comfort for your precious bundle.

Max inherited my terribly sensitive skin and the unbeatable softness from this diaper is exactly what you want on your little ones most sensitive areas. They keep the moisture off the skin and the gentle elastic around the edges prevent leaks. Along with the waterproof outer cover, you know your babe will be staying dry!

Each diaper comes with two inserts (newborn + one size) so you can create an absorbency level that works for you, such as if you have an older child that is a heavy wetter.

Many families steer clear of cloth diapers because they’re scared of the “work” that comes with them. And, not going to lie, the upfront costs can be scary! If you know you want to cloth diaper, it’s never too late to start doing your research.

The first and most important thing is to determine exactly what you want. I highly recommend going with a diaper such as the Bum Genius 4.0 that work from birth to toddlerhood. Also, when doing your research to determine what you want, keep the types of inserts in mind.

Next, take a look at your monthly income and determine a budget of what you can spend every month on diapers leading up to the birth. Strive to buy 2-3 diapers a month so that it is spread out over time to try and minimalize the impact of costs before the baby’s arrival. This will allow you to focus more on your baby and less on the stress of buying accessories.

Like I said, the cost can be overwhelming at first but it’s worth it when you don’t have to constantly buy disposable diapers after you have your stash built up.

Keep an eye on Zulily! (*note: this is NOT an affiliate link! If you want a referral email I can send it to you, but just know this click doesn’t generate anything for me.)

Zulily always has a bunch of sales on different things for baby – especially cloth diaper accessories. You can search for brands and products like diaper sprayers and inserts. Definitely make sure you set up alerts to be notified when they’re back on sale!

Cloth diapers can seem overwhelming – but they don’t have to be! Just do your research and ask questions whenever you have them.

Did you want to use cloth diapers? Did you ultimately end up choosing to use them or disposable? If not, what changed your mind about using them?

You can find out more about Cotton Babies on their websiteFacebook page or on Instagram.


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