Give Yourself A Break.

Transitioning from being a power couple and family of two is hard. I know – I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

Even going from a family of three or four (and so on), welcoming more children can be SO exciting – but it can also wear you down. It’s one more tiny little human to care for, and it’s often an excuse for us to care less for ourselves.

Many of us know that when you’re a mom, you tend to get pushed aside. Not necessarily by others, but by your own self. Your focus is on your children 99.9% of the time and making sure they’re well taken care of – and trust me, this is how it should be. But it shouldn’t mean that you aren’t as concerned with your wellbeing as you are with theirs.

After days, weeks or months of putting yourself last, you can start to feel misplaced or lost. Not because of something you or someone else did wrong, but because not taking care of yourself breaks you down in ways you didn’t think possible.

After awhile, you don’t see things the same or as clearly as you did before. Before you know it, you may not even recognize yourself.

It’s easy to get into a slump and be down on yourself.

It’s easy to let your relationship with your spouse suffer because of how you’re feeling.

And, most importantly, it’s easy to tell yourself that it’s okay to not put your well being first and take of YOU when you need it most.

I’m here to remind you that what is truly okay is to take time for yourself.

I mean it, ladies. I really do.

Don’t let anyone ever make you feel guilty for wanting or needing a break. Do you know what every mom thinks multiple times a day?

“I need a small break.”

(Okay, maybe not every mom. But most do.)

We have a lot of pressure on us to be everywhere and do everything. A break only makes sense.

We hold everything together everyday. We have a hard job. We deserve to recharge our batteries.

I know at times it can feel as though things will always be like this, or you may never get your old self back.

I’m eleven months postpartum and I still don’t feel like I have every little thing together. (But from what I’ve been told, not many moms do… Ever.) It’s too easy to feel like everything is a big mess and we’re screwing it all up. That’s what being a mom is about.

But caring, even the slightest bit, about messing it up proves you’re a good mom and you’re doing okay. So don’t worry too much about that.

Take some time for YOU. Get your hair done, get a manicure, go buy yourself a new pair of shoes – you have one of the most exhausting jobs that someone can have. You deserve to feel taken care of, too.


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