Making Food Fun with FunBites

Can I get a virtual show of hands from those that have had to change up their feeding routine so their picky eater would eat what’s in front of them? Most (if not all) parents know what I’m talking about.

Something as easy as cutting their food into different shapes can make a huge difference! This is where FunBites comes into play.

They make easy to use, kid-friendly food cutters that let your kiddo(s) help out with food prep while also encouraging them to eat.

They come in so many different fun shapes and color options for your little ones! All you have to do is place the FunBites cutter on the food and rock it back and forth while pressing down. Next, you’ll take the popper top and place it into the cutter, effortlessly popping out the bite-size pieces of food! It’s so easy.

If your picky eater feels included during their meal prep, they’re more likely to help eat it – plus, the tiny shapes are so cute that even I couldn’t help myself!

The perks of using FunBites for the moms? They’re made here in the USA (yay!), they’re dishwasher safe, and BPA free. This is a product that you really can feel good about using on your littles food.

You can find FunBites on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubePinterest or on their website here.

Do you think FunBites will help with getting your picky eater to eat? What shapes do you want to try? Let me know here, on my Facebook page or on Instagram (@sophia_carr_)!


2 thoughts on “Making Food Fun with FunBites

  1. My daughter loves to eat “cute” things so I think this just might work for her! She is really picky.

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